How we build in our company?

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How we build in our company ?


Almost everyone who invest and decided to make a building hade to ask himself this question How do I build it and for which price?  Two question at least in this one.


How?   - Depend on your experience, but if you have already met somehow this process, you know you need some permit and some firm and you have probably listened it is not so easy.

Surprisingly, many of clients  - drivers, understand that his car is not reparable by themselves in garage and it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge and devices, to insure that car is not only beautiful but also safe. But many people still think somehow, that building is simple. Only when the people are in that process of the construction of his house, for example, they discover how many knowledge and specific profession, they even did not know it exist, they need.

One note more, I read that football and housing construction in Czech understand everybody. I have some experiences with foreigners and you know, it is the same everywhere. Everybody has some experience or friend, or grand papa who built something. It easy and cheap, don`t care.


On the top of that, there are a media massage coming from adds till to small pubs, how to make insulation of the building and save a lot of money on heating.

Simply, there are a lot of topics. You can than hear this builder, how he complain in the middle of the process, how it is terrible, more expensive and never ending in fact.


And than, we ask the second question – How much will cost you?  What is the advice?

From the very beginning, when you decide to build or to buy any property for your living or business, or production or simply for investing your money, you should get somebody for advice you. True professional in this matter. What you need and how all process is look like?


When I say advice, I don`t mean you go to see your friends and you will collect some free advices, without any guarantee and responsibility. You should go to see on the people, who are able to give you true information, no matter how it will be not pleasant. Otherwise you go to the process with information, which could be misleading and it can cost you a lot.



The first question, when you come in our company, is always  - Why do you want it? What is the objective?  It's a living, or a beautiful view; it is an investment that must be assessed? Or is it a delight for the client, for his family, regardless of the money? It's a meeting place, or is it only to sleep? There are millions questions and reasons as well. According to the type of project, client, etc.


Building process is quite lengthy. You need various permits and corresponding projects in several stages - plans and calculations that follow each other, and no one can be omitted.

First, you need to have a permit that your specific building on that land can be placed, then comes the detailed planning that demonstrates precisely how everything will look like and your building will not be dangerous for you neither for the public. On this basis, you get a building permit.


And there, many people think that they can start building. Attention! Theoretically yes, but in practice, the client knows only approximately what he want, and he does not know exactly how much it will cost. Only at this point it is important to sit down with the client and discuss every little thing, how he truly wants it. To put everything together, to plan and coordinate in order to avoid construction when something will have to be made more than once. For this purpose a detailed project  - working drawings with bill of quantities and number of details has to be done.


Only on this basis can a client get a credible price, taking account of all, or almost all labor and materials, which must be incorporated into the building. It is important to realize that every building is a prototype itself.

A car prototype is tuned up before starting to manufacture, but the house is doing once at a specific location and conditions and so you need to think about it.


Then usually, the working drawings are transmitted to Construction Company, which ideally will learn everything in the minutest detail. If so, then the project supervisor and his team, know the entire project almost by heart and knows what and when to do and how and what follows. In practice, you will encounter rather with the fact that the company knows what he's doing, just order the main outlines and solve problems on the spot when they occur. What about the worst deterrent you can see, when companies will price the spreadsheet of bill of quantities of supplies and works without any knowledge of plans and calculations, and then wonder what it actually has to build.


That is why we, in SPACE8, are working differently. Sure, we have an architect who is either from client or our own, but most important, the chief engineer, who creates and maintains the entire project team and is responsible for the entire project: He remains at the forefront of the process, he is present throughout the construction period and also leads. This is a way, how to keep continuity of information between all participant of the process and, moreover, the client is not exposed to a situation where he is asked again to similar or the same thing.

It has an additional dimension. The chief engineer and his team see what they have created in his plans and discuss with suppliers of special crafts and by this feedback gain valuable experience and knowledge, used for benefits of our clients.


Our process is completely unique and guarantees high quality of the work in all aspects. Our people know what they are doing and they become fast real experts in their field. The client is still in one place, and communicates with the same person who perceives his goals and priorities. So actually getting work delivered from A to Z, so-called turnkey, in the form of what they wanted.


Written for BLOG SPACE8 by:

Gabriel Lubomír Špaček,

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