Space8 is a team

the SPACE8 Team
Individuals who work together to form a whole.

It is very important for us to be creative and authentic in each phase of the business, to enjoy all what we do. Our company employes 10 people and cooperates with other professionals. All permanent employees are graduated engineers and architects with professional license, from 4 to 7 years of experience. They did all references of the SPACE8 COMPANY. Unity of design and works on site, that is what we do, that`s our style and motto. All turnkey contracts are handled in a way, that same person is responsible for design and works also. They learn and growth and the client have only one partner during all the process of the project. We do all our plans in true 3D and we use BIM. REVIT enables us to work really effectively. We cooperate with our technical partners of HVAC with same CAD/CAM system and we achieve together the coordination and optimal space plan in technical part of building. Our partners are the best ones in his job, they are our friends today and we enjoy this common work. 
We speak also English, French and Russian.