Space8 is a creative space

SPACE8 is our creative space ,
a boundless space that we create together

Everything that we experience is a reflection of ourselves.  The materialization of our visions begins through mutual learning and comprehension and ends with the realization of these ideas as buildings and works of design. Everyone expresses himself by his own means. Our expressions are buildings.
We are real professionals on every level, whether it is design, construction or anything related.  This is manifested in the results of our work. We create masterpieces, that retain their value for ages and ensure a harmonious environment in your home or place of work. A masterpiece is made when the whole is visible in the details, and the details visible in the whole. We enjoy every new challenge and task. 
Are you looking for quality and real value?  We are happy to work on exceptional projects. Together we will consider and create each detail, each step on our common journey. We are different. We are discerning and looking for perfection. The value of a true masterpiece appreciates over time. 
Space8 is an architectural company with an in-house, comprehensive approach to the creation of architecture, drafting, design and construction. We also provide consultancy for investment in real estate and construction, covering everything from A to Z.
Same person, who cares about the design works and manages all design of plans, stays as a head of the process for construction phases. It is how we organize our projects and business. It is how we keep up all your requests in the project until the end.
Like every human activity, construction seems to be mostly about know-how. But, according to research done by top Harvard psychologists, know-how or IQ only counts for 25% of success. The other 75% is created as a reflection of our optimism, our ability to communicate and listen to each other, to understand each other’s needs and our acceptance of the stress load as a challenge and not a threat. Up to 90% of the reality, that surrounds us, is a reflection of our inner interpretation of our external state of affairs. These are scientifically recognized facts. At SPACE8 we have the necessary knowledge and experience, but on top of that, we also honour the absolute importance of this ‘majority rest’.
If you also understand the importance of this part of the relationship between client and architect then you are a candidate to become one of our highly appreciated clients.  It is a critical point for us.  First we must come to a harmonious vision, and then it’s time to do business.  Only when both sides understand and appreciate each other.
Think about car production.  It is obviously one of the most complex things to manufacture. But when you produce cars or any other complex machine, you first prepare a hugely expensive prototype. You can start producing the model only after having tuned every detail. On the other hand, a building is   an original work every single time, not one is the same as another. There are different clients, different geology, diverse final goals, different combinations of materials and different norms, etc. We submerse ourselves in the creative process again and again. That’s why every project is a wonderful adventure and why it’s important that you choose the right partner for the journey. 
And finally, the most important issue.  Most people start the creative process by defining WHAT and WHERE, and quite often WHEN. We ask our future clients WHY? It is basically the most important thing in the process. If a person first understands internally WHY they want something and is able to communicate it, then they can be sure they will reach their actual objective.